Ecstatic Arch  2019 Bedsheets, resin sphere 27 x 18 x 3 inches
rafael II.jpg
 Quilt (front) Found fabrics, batting, yarn 20 x 10 feet (approx. 35 lbs)  We each have a lens through which we view the world. This lens is comprised of our upbringing, race, sexual identity, gender, beliefs, environment, etc. Progressive society’s inclinations towards empathy are strong yet our ability to step outside of ourselves and into the shoes of others is highly debatable. However, if a voluntary Freaky Friday situation were to take place what would those first moments feel like?  Lens Therapy was a shared experience and interactive installation that dove into mind-bending visual and textural manipulations. Lens Therapy was created by Colleen RJC Bratton for the  Outer Space  art series. An accompanying publication features writings by Justen Siyuan Waterhouse, Anna Kryczka, Cam LaFlam, Tiffany Owens, Ilana Zweschi, Gretchen Bennett, Lauren Ashley Moore, Theresa Endoso, & Chelsea Werner-Jatzke. Lens Therapy invited anyone to join the interactive installation.
  Fareness of Skin  Acrylic on panel, found fabric 2017 17 x 24 inches
  Sitting With Reality (I feel safer when it's not lit)  Velvet, satin, polyester, cotton, candle, found sconce, fire Time specific (made in response to 11/8/2016) 2016
  Cased Opening II  Repurposed fibers 2014  
  Consummation  Repurposed fibers 2015