Colleen RJC Bratton lives and works in Seattle, Washington and Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Visual Arts and Philosophy.

Colleen RJC Bratton uses painting and found fabrics to address the relationship between self and space over time. Compositional elements within her objects and installations serve as both representation of space and body and as clues for an underlying internal dialogue. The works’ titles provide narrative context for the seemingly abstract. Pieces are inspired by first-hand accounts of reconciliation and congruity between an environment and its occupants. These replications shed insight into the attributes of and possibility for harmonious interactions between self and space.


Created in the winter of 2015, this video highlights some of the projects and ideas that Colleen RJC Bratton was working on at the time. This video was created entirely by Maurice and Fancy Morales of Seattle, WA.