Colleen RJC Bratton lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Visual Arts and Philosophy.

Colleen RJC Bratton’s sculptural paintings are influenced by the emotions and energies found in specific, revelatory moments the artist has experienced or witnessed. Colors, shapes, and textural choices act as psychological symbols for an internal process. The physical manifestations of these processes provide a compass by which both social and internal disharmony can be interpreted. Underlying comedic elements in Bratton’s work point to the absurdity of her intense optimism. Her desires for a revolution of empathy embody themselves in her colorful, psychedelic self-portraits. The works’ titles shed further insight into the original point of inspiration. Bratton’s works act as personal therapy and social commentary in a topsy-turvy world.


Created in the winter of 2015, this video highlights some of the projects and ideas that Colleen RJC Bratton was working on at the time. This video was created entirely by Maurice and Fancy Morales of Seattle, WA.